Mr. Deepak Kothari – Director

As the founder of the U.Y. Group, Mr. Deepak Kothari has to his credit years of priceless experience, earned through his journey to make his dream a reality. Staying true to his ideals and philosophies, he has worked his way up the ladder of success, and his practical approach has made this brand a household name. In his city of Mumbai, as well as across the country, he is known to the business clientele to be a charismatic, hard-working man.

Mr. Udai Kothari – Director

Following in the footsteps of his father, and constantly bringing in innovative means to take the company to the next level, Mr. Udai Kothari represents the future of this brand. Always committed to the cause, he remained highly involved in every aspect even while pursuing his Master’s degree in London. His hands on approach goes a long way in ensuring that the company receives and gives out only the very best at every point in time.