At Brima Sagar, the process is given its due importance, in order to manufacture the high quality products that it promises. With the ideals of passion, innovation, care and trust integrated into the complex process, the result is nothing short of excellence. The history of its growth into the success it is today is one that is just as marvelous as its products themselves.

The manufacturing process consists of state-of-the-art distillation plants, with almost full automated facilities. From saving energy through bio gas engines, and saving fossil fuels through bio-digesters, the futuristic approach towards manufacturing that Brima Sagar follows is truly commendable.


Over the years, Brima Sagar has established itself as one of the very best in the market. Therefore, its strong market presence, particularly in Western India where it is based, is truly commendable, as it is a household name in the area. Through its many distributors, alongside the manufacturing and bottling unit at Shreepur, it has made significant efforts to ensure that every segment of this market, across all geographies, has been covered.

The effect of this popularity is spreading as well, and alongside intensive market research on the part of the company, its presence is beginning to be felt more profoundly in other parts of the country as well. Not only does Brima Sagar now cater to the Northern and Southern part of the country, it is also increasing its presence in the international market as well, with exports increasing and reaching countries across three continents.