Whisky Cocktails

The Traditional: Coke, Peanuts and Whisky

Ingredients: 50ml Barrister Premium Whisky, Coca Cola, 30 ml peanut orgeat (sweet peanut based syrup).
Method: Peanuts and Whisky has been one of the most unconventional yet traditional combinations for a long time, and Coca Cola is known to be a good addition to any cocktail. One of the best ways to enjoy the grandeur of the Barrister Premium Whisky is to relax and sip on this exquisite three ingredient drink. The procedure is just as simple as it appears – pour the Whisky and peanut orgeat into a glass, over ice. Stir it well, and then fill the glass with the Coca-Cola, and garnish with roasted peanuts for added taste. Peanut syrup can also be made at home by boiling crushed peanuts with sugar and water, and then allowing it to cool after lowering the temperature and then increasing it until it is almost at a boil.

The Thistle

Ingredients: 30ml Friends Whisky, 30ml dry vermouth (aromatized wine), angostura bitters.
Method: One of the most enjoyable drinks possible with this wonderful whisky, the Thistle is a favourite in bars around the world ever since the early 20th century. However, it is just as easily made and enjoyed in the comfort of one‘s own home. Mix the Friends Whisky with the dry vermouth in a shaker that has been filled with ice. After a short while, add in a few dashes of Angosutra bitters. Shake extremely well, and then strain it into a cocktail glass. Any serving of this drink is sure to be a treat to any Whisky lover.

Moscow Mule

Ingredients: 45ml Clocktower Vodka, 15ml lime juice, 10ml simple syrup, ginger beer or soda, lime wedges for garnish.
Method: One of the most well-loved drinks across the world, one of the best versions of the Moscow Mule is achieved by using the wonderful Clocktower Vodka. To make this drink, all that is needed is to add the vodka, lime juice and simple syrup to a container and shake lightly for a while. Then, add in the ginger beer and shake again. Add the lime wedges as a garnish before serving, and then sit back and enjoy the exquisite experience on offer.


Ingredients: 45ml Clocktower vodka, 6 lime wedges, 15ml sugar syrup, mint leaves, crushed ice.
Method: A popular drink in its original country of Brazil, this vodka based cocktail has quickly become one of the most popular in India as well. Clocktower vodka is an excellent drink to enjoy this cocktail with. In order to make it, first squeeze and then drop the lime wedges into a glass. Tear the mint leaves over this lime, and then muddle. Now fill the glass with the crushed ice, and add in the sugar syrup as well as the vodka. Stir well, and then add in more crushed ice. Add a few more mint leaves, or a slice of sweet lime, as a garnish before serving. The experience to be had thereafter promises to be truly memorable.